Reputation Management


What is reputation management? Why is it important?

Reputation management is, essentially, the management of an individual’s or business’s reputation. Reputation management influences how others see you or your business, and can affect your success in client acquisition, employment searches, running for public office, or starting a new business, to name a few. Many successful companies and individuals are diligent in their reputation management, and in today’s internet-savvy world, this is now more important than ever! You can find out how to start improving your online reputation here:

Reputation management can be handled in a variety of different ways. It can be as simple as an individual person being mindful of what they post on social media! For an interesting anecdote on that, I recently witnessed a company’s CEO’s wife go on a rampage against an employee on social media, and with the ease of linking her account to the company itself, the message about the company was not the best! Though it was her personal account, the impact of that content could affect the company in a negative way. At the very least, if I was a potential customer who stumbled upon that content, I would think twice about purchasing their product. So, even the smaller details are absolutely worth it in reputation management, especially online reputation management.

Businesses can also utilize reputation management in various ways. In doing so, they can ensure that potential customers, clients, investors, and even partners are aware of the company’s best assets. This can be done within the business staff with a group dedicated to reputation management, or with a third party organization dedicated to successful management for the business. Utilizing these resources can help both the fledgling new business in gaining maximal positive content as they are growing, as well as maintain credibility for an established business seeking to expand or move into new ventures.

Reputation management online is especially important today, as mentioned earlier. With the ease of smartphones and other gadgets, and advancements in technology made every day, there are many ways in which one can work to buff up their reputation and keep an eye out for problems. Pictures and videos can be shared instantly and become “viral” in minutes, and so keeping track of those things and handling potential or actualized issues is important to maintaining good reputation with the public. It is important also because one’s reputation today can be crucial to success. With the breadth of competition for every business or other venture, one of the most valuable resources can be the impression that the public has of you or your business.

With the possibility of unknown parties accessing, distorting, and sharing information about you or your company, the importance of management is clear. Anyone, from a working-class citizen to a successful, Fortune 500 company, can help themselves by investing in online reputation management. It is also important to be proactive in this pursuit; to hire a reputation manager while there have been no problems, though it might sound superfluous, is very smart, because when a problem presents itself, it might have already been planned for by your manager, or is more readily approached and solved. Either way, it is important to work at reputation management before there is a problem.

But fear not! Though all of the above information is very serious, there is no reason to stress over how to best manage your online reputation. There are many options for doing this successfully, and many out there willing to help YOU put your best face out there for the public to see.